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Panel Game Selection
From this panel, you can play a Specific Game:
- play a grid proposed by Sudoku1 randomly from the catalog in a given time in Champion Mode,
- Kids can play very simple grids,
- you may enter in the play and solve Quick Game,
- you have to find with maximum points in the Double and Triple Game.

Or you can:
- Select a grid from the Catalog ,
- Automatically generate a grid  with configuration and varients you prefer,
- Load a grid,
- Initialise an empty grid.


Pass the mouse on the different button and you will se what is proposed.
Click on a button to open the corresponding panel or game.
Click on Help opens the online help.

Available Help
- Help Content to see all the functions Sudoku1
- What is Sudoku1 grid - color codes
- How to enter numbers in the grid
- How to move forward in the grid and find solutions
- You can get help for other proposals, complete solution or search of all possible solutions
- The calculation of the final score
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