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Solve Method Varient
For a comprehensive reading, please refer to Sudoku1 Grid definitions.

This method uses the properties of Varients to filter Possible out of the grid, iteratively. This usually allows to find a solution when combined with other methods.

This method greatly increases the computation process, and therefore is not used for Grid Search .

Hereafter, you will find some indications on used algorithms:

- Distance: In the row or column, a combination of cells with the given values are tested, and if there is only one possible, it is selected.
- Little Killer, Killer Sum, Killer Prod, Kimo, Arrow: In the Killer area, the various Possible are tested and only those with the correct amount are kept. In mode Zero Killer , combination with same value are not used.
- Odd and Even: Only Possible Odd or Even are kept. A preliminry filtering is done on cells with X, to see if X is odd or even.
- Odd Pair: With the 2 cells, solution is given for combination that respect odd or even sum.
- Upper or Lower: Between the 2 cells, the extreme values are removed.
- Dot: Between 2 cells, only Possible  combinations that respect the difference of 1 or 2 ratio are kept.
- Naval Fight:  Not implemented
- Puzzle: The pieces of the puzzle are searched in the grid, and if there is only one combination, are set.
- XV: Between 2 cells, only Possible  combinations that respect the sum of 2 cases is equal to 5 or 10 are kept.
- Trio: Filter possibles of each cell with corresponding value of trio data.
- Numeral: We keep only possibles of numbers associated to word including the letter.
- Outside: For each outside value, possible in line and column of other block are cancelled. If for one block, the same ouside is in line and column, then it is the good one.
- Oddview: In the first cell, the only possible are the 2 data odd or even. For a grid 9x9: As there is necessary a even in the first 5 cells, we can cancel even in the 4 last cells. Same for odd.
- Frame Sum, Frame Prod: In the 3 contiguous cells, we keep only possible combination allowing to do the sum or product.
- Tiled: Not implemented.
- Quad Max/Min: As for  Upper or Lower, the 4 extrme value for th 4 cells are cancelled.
- Extra Region: Filterin is done in possibles of  lines/column/blocs, but also on supplementary area defined.
- Pencil Mark: Filter possibles with Pencil Mark data.
- Domino/Pips: Depending on domino points available, filter possibles with values acceptable in domino.
- Digital clock: Depending on lighted segments, filter possibles with values acceptable in digital clock.
- Romain: Depending on roman numbers available, filter possibles with values acceptable in romain. For exemple, if we get VI, possibles are 6(VI), 7(VII), 8(VIII), 16(XVI) for a grid 16x16.
- Magic sentence:  Not implanted.
- non-consecutive: We cancel consecutve possibles in adjacent cells.
- Creasing Sum line: We check if values are ascending/descending, then possibles outside limit are cancelled.
- Dan:  Not implemented.
- Equality:  Filter possibles of cells with same color eguals
- SkyScraper: Not implemented.
- Wheel: Verification for each wheel combination that one is good
- Pan digital: Not implemented
- Navigator: Filter possibles of cells in the reverse direction of lines and coluns.
- Last Number: In a grid 9x9: For a last number Increasing N (2), we cancel all possibles N in the 9-N cells of the line.If the last number is found, we can cancel all higher possibles in previous cells.
- Chess sudoku: For chess with white pieces (no attack possible), wa can cancel the number in all cells that aee attack by the pieces.
- Carre magique: For a grid 9x9, central cell is 5, the 4 horizontally and vertically centered cells includes 1-9 and 7-3. Egde cells includes numbers 2-8 et 4-6.
- Transfer sudoku: Inthe first cell there could be only the first transfer, other are cancelled in possible. In bthe second cell , there could be only the 2 first transfer, and ...
Twins Relation: The Possible of a grid are filtered by those of the other grid (and vice versa), for the linked cells.
- Twins Substitution: Subsitution between 2 grids are search, with possible filtring. If there is only one, then substitution rule is found..
- Twins Zone: Filter possibles of each associated cells of the 2 grids.
- Twins Equal: Filter possibles of all cells of the 2 grids.
- Twins Different: Not implemented.
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