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Welcome on Sudoku1 v5 @ NKH 2013.

- Sudoku1 was developped in early 2007, and is therefore available on download site in its version v1.

- Sudoku1 version v2 has growed in early 2008 with mainly grid generation of various size from 4x4 to 16x16 and in addition varients: Irregular, Diagonal, Distance, Little Killer, Killer Sum, Odd and Even, Greated and Less, Dot, Naval fight, Puzzle, XV.

- The version v3 includes 4 supplementary game modes, grids from world championship 2008 and 2009 with following varients:  Undefined Pair, Killer Prod, Odd Pair,  Trio, Numeral, Outside, Oddview, Frame Sum, Frame Prod, Tiled, Quad Max/Min, Extra Region, Pencil Mark, Domino/Pips, Digital clock,Romain, Magic sentence, Kimo, non-consecutive, Arrow Sudoku, Creasing Sum line, Dan, Equality, SkyScraper, Wheel, Pan digital, Navigator, Last Number, Chess sudoku, Magic Square, Transfer sudoku, Twins Relation, Twins Substitution, Twins Zone, Twins Equal, Twins Different

- The version v4 is Available since March 2010 and includes 1 supplementary game modes (Rapidoku, your Grid from Internet Web site, more grids from world championship 2011 up to 2013, the possibility to pause the game, and reduced PC memory occupation.  

- The new version v5 is Available since August 2013.

In this last version:
* Management and generation of multiple grids from 2 up to 12,
* New varients (Twin Varients Masked, Twin Same Row, Twin Relation Multiple, No Knight Step, Pirate, Touchy, Give Me 5, No Odd/Even in Line, No Average),
* More grids from world championship 2011 up to 2013,
* Scan of Grids from images,
* Optimisation of grids to get most difficult one with single solution.
In preparation, the Defi mode, where you will fight against an other player, after connection to a server.

Try Sudoku1, is Get it.
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