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Sudoku1 and Developers

Sudoku1 in its catalogue, puts at the disposal of users, grids more or less difficult.

Become developers, and offer your difficult grids that can be downloaded on Sudoku1.
Subscribe and send me an email to allow access to the developer forum, in order to save the product of your imagination.

Contribute to the development effort by joining the coding / debug team of Sudoku1.

Develop grids:
Sudoku1 allows, in its debug mode, a set of features for developing new grid based on varients:
- Search all possible solutions. Up to you to optimize for having a single solution.
- Copying and pasting grids from Word or Excel,
- Enter varients in the grid by selecting cells
- Check the difficulty of the grid by trying to solve with a selection method
- Make your automatic macro to test grid
- Generate Irregulars Shapes and check whether they accept solutions
- Create a automatic install and zip everything to make it available for everydody

Due to a massive attack on Forum server, it is no more possible to insert your fonctions.
Please send me by mail, then I will enter them in the Forum.
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