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Community of Sudoku1

Here is an evocative title which sounds like that of the ring. It is up to you to come and join and make your contribution.
Its objectives include:
- Making software for the whole family of the oldest to the youngest,
- Raise awareness of the Sudoku by this Free software Sudoku1 , and strengthen the number of users,
- Propose grids increasingly difficult for the joy of most experts,
- Have the ability to follow the World Championships and to propose associated grids,
- Enhance the development team and validation as a high tech product,
- Helping Sudoku fans to improve their way of reading a grid ...

A page is available, where you can see the latest software and also new grids

A forum is available, where you can make your suggestions, advice, solving method ...
<< Due to a massive attack, the forum is now in read only mode >>>>

To develop itself, a challenge,
Career development in communities, a success ....
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