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Dialog Box Preferences

This dialog box allows you to change preferences of Sudoku1. The following parameters define preferences for the software Sudoku1, loaded automatically at each software start.

When changing a parameter, the display is immediately updated for viewing.
The OK button is used to accept the modified preferences done.
The Cancel button takes you back to the last configuration.

Several panels are available:



General             back.jpg


Opens last grid at startup: If the button is selected, the final grid will be reloaded in the state in which it was saved, including the elapsed time and all options.
Modify position when loading: if the button is selected, the position and size of the window and panels will be restored.
Modify preferences when loading: if the button is selected, all preferences will be reloaded from the file except this General panel.
Request Saving when Reinit: if the button is selected, a confirmation will be asked to crush the grid, when using Restart grid,  Load grid, New empty grid or Generate a grid.
Sinle solution when grid generation: if the button is selected, Sudoku1 tries at the generation, to get a grid with only one possible solution; so, it redo the generation the number of iterations specified.
TimeOver adjustement: You can select here the value for Timeover which interrupt Search and Generate functions. Default values are 0,5s for Generate and 2s for Search.
Standard Directories : if the button is selected, directories by default are used. This applies in particular for following functions: 
Load, Save MyGrid
Save in text mode TextGrid
Load Catalog Grid TextGrid
Load animated image current
Load background image BackGround
Load and save Macros current
Load and save Magic Preference MagicPref
If the button is unselect, the directory used will be updated when you open the file. To be use sparingly because of potential side effects.
Log file: if the button is selected, Sudoku1 copy in the "Sudoku1.log" file all informations of the comment area.
Print Size: Put in the area the size factor for printing the Grid from 0.01 up to 100.

Text             back.jpg


Used to specify optional display:
    - Text type or a child type in the boxes: 1/2/3 ...; A / B / C ...; 1 / 2 .. A / B. ..; Cartoon (animated pictures)
    - Name of animated images: you have to load by clicking on the rectangle a file defining animated pictures (*. ani).
    - Left and right arrows to move to next animated images.
    - Shuffle.gif : mixes animated images available for display

And also to change the behavior of animations:
    - Images are animated (when click on the image bar, when value placement, when all figures found)
    - Actions animated on images (hammer blow, press, rotation)
    - Delete the cell value after the animated action if there is an error 
    - Some Parasite images in kid mode will appear on the display. You can suppress them if needed.
    - Drag with the Button Pressed, if check, indicate that you must let mouse button pressed when dragging from Image Bar. 

Cell             back.jpg


Used to specify the type of cell display: 
     - Display of a single value in the cell (possible no longer available)
     - Display of possible values as line in the cell
     - Display of possible values in matrix in the cell
     - Display of possible values as line in the cell, and Probable values around in small frames (see Using Probable).

And to modify the different areas in the grid by adding:
- Display Possible Lines / col: rectangles are posted at each row and column to manually enter (or automatic display) possible values per row / column, and the Found Numbers
- Viewing Comments: infos are listed to guide you through the resolution of the grid.
- Display image selection Zone: A vertical bar on the right is added containing all numberss You can take the number with the mouse and drop it into a cell. If "Show Identical if click" is selected, then an animation will start at a click on a number, showing all the same numbers found in the grid

And to modify display of the possible in Matrix  mode in the cell:
     - All number indicates that even possible nor selected are shown. Otherwise only selected data are shown.
     - Background : if selected a dark rectan
     - Auto position: possible are auto position depending if selected or not.

Grid             back.jpg


Allows you to define the display parameters of the grid:
     - Automatic Size: Use the Sudoku1 default values for geometry. Otherwise the parameters of the next panel are used, relative to the full window.
     - Cell Size Constant: Use the absolute values of geometry defined in the following panel  (1point = 1pixel screen)
     - Square Cells: The boxes are square (same height and width)
     - Color separation between blocks: the blocks are displayed with a different background color
     - Black separation between blocks: Instead of empty space between block, the space is filled by black bars     -      - Blocks with different colors: Each block has a different background color.

Allows you to set the background image and its parameters:
     - Image Name: A click in the box allows you to choose the background image.
     - Random: If Random is selected, a new background image is set from the directory "Background" . You can select the duration between modification from 5s up to some hours.
     - Keep image ratio:  when loading background image, horizontal/vertical ratio is kept.
     - Transparency: Allows you to change the transparency of the color of the cell with the background image.

Geometry             back.jpg


Used to specify the size of the cells, and spacing between cell and block. You can choose the automatic mode by clicking on "Auto" Dimension, and the grid is designed according to the size of the Sudoku window. By setting "Fixed size" unselect, each cell will have a size linked to the entry values but smooth to the full window.

You can also select cell border and block border size.

Colors             back.jpg


Several types of value are possible in a cell, and the color helps to identify them. By clicking in the colored frame, you can modify it with your favorite color.

Following are type of values:
- Initial Value: initial reference value
- Input Value: value input from keyboard and mouse
- Possible Value: possible value calculated by Sudoku
- Proposed Value: value proposed by the resolution method
- Found Value: value found by the search
- Wrong Value : conflicting values

And the backgrounds:
- Cell Background: default color of the cell
Background if Single: cell color if the cell has only one a number (initial value, entry, proposed or found)
Background if Bad: value, line, column or block with conflict
Comment Background: color of the comment area
Window Background: background color of window, when no background image is selected
- Block Separation: color between the blocks
Background Proposal: color to highlight the use of columns lines, and block diagonal when a proposal done
- Border: color of cells border 

The "Default" button allows you to reset the color code with the factory values.
The buttons "Load" and "Save" alows to transfer colors from or to a file for customization.

Varients             back.jpg


The parameters of the variants can be modified here:
- Puzzle Rotation authorized: when displaying pieces of the puzzle, the rotations are allowed.
- One solution for puzzle and naval fight: at grid generation, ensures that each piece of the puzzle or boat has merely only one possible position
- No boat: Cells filled in automatically with "no boat" during the placement of a boat (2 boats can not touch)

Music            back.jpg


Silent: Select if you want no music and no sound.
Full directory: If the button is selected, after playing the current music, sudoku1 will play the next one in the directory where you select the music.
Loop: If the button is selected, replay the music at the end. If Full directory is selected, replay the directory at the last music.
Music Name: by clicking in the rectangle you can select the music file (*.mp3).
Volume: indicate volume for sound and music.

Property            back.jpg


Name: Name of the selected grid.
Description: Text of the grid which define what to do and describe varients if any. Be carefull because you can modify it to include your comment.

Directories             back.jpg


Animated Images: Directory for animated files (*.ani).
Background Images: Directory for backgournd images files (*.jpg).
My Grids: Directory for sudoku grid files (*.sud) when you save or load grids.
Text Grids: Directory for grid text files (*.txt) used in catalog.
Magic Profils: Directory for magic display files (*.magic).
Macro: Directory for macro files (*.macro).
Music: Directory for music files (*.mp3).


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