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Command Display Color Chain (Display menu)

Use this command to display the color chains.

This command allows you to visualize for a given value all cells where the value can be, and for the selected cells all the coloring chains.

Recall of the definition of a chain of color:
If a zone has only two cells with a certain candidate, these cells are called combined or strongly linked. This is because we know that if the candidate appears or does not appear in any of the cells, we know automatically also for the other. "Colouring" is based on cells strongly linked. We must search chained cells closely linked, ie two chain cells where either all the first chain cells contain one the number and none of the other chain cell contain it, and reverse. All cells that belong to the 2 chains are the only solution, and cells that belong to none chain can not contain this number. The method is called "colouring" because if we colorized different chains, we see quickly chains strongly links and cells that are common.

When starting this command, colored triangles appear for each digit in the image bar. Click on a triangle and the associated chain of color corresponding to the selected cells will be displayed.

The display of the color chains is done through an icon Icone4 image sudoku or Icone10 image sudoku. The number of lines in the icon depends on the number of cells originally selected.
The maximum color chains displayed is 10.

Example with 2 chains for number "3":
Mcoloring1 image sudoku

It allows to find the "3" in cell of the line 5, and to cancel the possible "3" in the line 8.

Example with 5 chains for number "4":
Mcoloring2 image sudoku

They are 4 cells belonging to chain /. You can see also the small icone in case of 5 chains..

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