Sudoku1 Challenge 2013
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SUDOKU1 Challenge 2013


@NKH 1st August 2013

The First Sudoku1 Challenge is based on Variants type from various SUDOKU Championships. The most difficult ones are Relays and Masked Variants that I appreciate a lot. In relays, a group of cells in first grid is identified, then a group of cells in second grid will include the same values (WoW!).

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SUDOKU1 2013


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SUDOKU1 2013


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All this grids have been generated thanks to SUDOKU1 software @NKH that you can find free on the Net It greatly helps to optimize grids to an extreme difficulty.

Takes good time solving those puzzles.

1.      Twins Master Mind : 2 grids of variant Mastermind linked together

2.      Twins Mult Table Odd Pair : 2 grids of variant Multiplication Table and Odd Pair linked together

3.      Twins Numeral Arrow : 2 grids of variant Numeral and Arrow linked together

4.      Twins Battleship - Tiled : 2 grids of variant Battleship and Tiled linked together

5.      Twins Zone : 2 grids with colored block having same data, then 3 grids, then 4 grids

6.      Twins Relation : 2 grids having same colored cells, then 2 grids having colored multiple relation cells

7.      Twins Different 2 by 2 : 6 grids of size 6x6 being different by two

8.      Twins Total: 3 grids on which total per cell is given

9.      Twins Relay : 4 grids of different variants linked by multiple relation cells, then 4 others

10.   Twins Variants Masked : Find the associated variants to the 4 grids, then to the 6 next


 Here after the first grid Mastermind as example.


1 Twin MasterMind

Fill in the 2 grids with digits from 1 to 9 so that each row, column and 3x3-box has exactly one of each digit. Relation between group of cells that have same values are indicated with color circle.





The black and white markers to the right of the grid correspond to the marked cells in that row and the code given below the grid. Black markers indicate correct numbers in the right position in the digits and the code, while the white ones mark correct numbers in the code in the wrong place among the digits.








Code2=9 1 _ 7 2 _




And a,b,c digits given in mixed increasing order in the following sequence: 111238

Try Sudoku1, and get it.
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